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What’s the Problem?

Australia boasts one of the highest extinction rates in the world.

Source: Australian Government Threatened Species Strategy


The introduction and rapid spread of foxes and feral cats across Australia in the 1800’s resulted in catastrophic declines in many of Australia’s ‘Critical Weight Range’ mammals, which weigh between 35 grams and 5.5 kilograms. Other introduced plant and animal species have also contributed to declines of Australia’s wildlife. Habitat loss from human development and an ever increasing wildlife road-toll, also adds to the continuing degradation of Australia’s ecosystems. More recently, anthopogenic (human induced) climate change has been identified as being a key threatening process for Australia’s ecosystems.


How is Rewilding Australia Helping?

Rewilding Australia seeks to support the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Strategy by working with Rewilding Australia Network partners to improve the trajectory for Australia’s wildlife.

Linking Research with Projects

Rewilding Australia advocates a science-based approach to ecosystem restoration projects across Australia and links wildlife academic research with wildlife and landscape management practitioners to identify and implement practical rewilding projects. An example is Rewilding Australia’s own flagship project to reintroduce eastern quolls to mainland Australia.

Information Sharing – Coming soon!

In July 2017 Rewilding Australia will also provide an information sharing platform for rewilding projects across Australia. This open source database will provide the location for Rewilding Australia Network partners to upload project information, including reintroduction plans and relevant documents as well as publications relevant to a particular rewilding project.